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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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broken wozniacki a couple of times. dick: she held only one time for a set the last time she served. john: she's either got to move over or step in a little bit closer, try to cut off that angle. she goes up the middle with it and just blocked it back. dick: five aces for serena, most of them in this court going wide. john: she should try to mix it up. she's just having a tough time figuring it out reading her serve, wozniacki.
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john: she got away with it. she's not come to net once. she looked like she was going move forward then hesitated but was able to get that error. dick: another winner. john: she just can't cover this much of the court as good a defensive player as she is, she hasn't gotten enough depth off her groundstrokes. dick: remarkable, 18-0, winners. there's that wide serve that opens the court.
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john: well, that's as good as she could have done and she still lost a point. dick: middle name aggression. serena "aggression" williams. mary: those are early errors too. once she finds her strike zone, she's in real trouble. she's just been hitting from everywhere, especially on this serve. and because her motion is so clean and so rhythmic you can't tell where she's going direct these serves but she's been doing so well the short serve. it's under 108 miles per hour but so beautifully measured. time and again she scored off of that.
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john: finally she is starting to get some depth off her groundstrokes. dick: sam stosur gets through to the finals. djokovic in a classic beats feter. serving at 5-3. nadal beats murray in four sets. nadal and djokovic, a monday final, 4:00 eastern. john: another fall where she
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could or should have come in. she had serena offbalance. she's got to be able to move forward. that's another thing she has to improve upon. still has yet to come to net. dick: there she goes. john: maybe a point late. john: make that leg bothering her a bit because she didn't get down real low with that. instead of bending her knees. sort of a desperate stab at that sort of a desperate stab at that volley.
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dick: these are friendly rivals from the indian wells tournament in the spring. caroline went to los angeles to visit with serena. the age difference almost nine years and picking the brain of this 13-time major champion. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, cbs broadcasting, inc.] john: serena had a wide open court and hit it right back to her. she's got her beep right here. she's basically given up on the point. but gets that one last chance. that's a nice effort.
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mary: and it's her first winner of the match. john: is that a winner? she did touch it. mary: i'm giving it to her. john: big hold. dick: 1-1 in the second. serena won the first set 6-2. in 46 minutes. you can shop at and find the largest selection of u.s. open merchandise. visit fantastic night as the lights sparkle in the big city. john: perfect serve right on the line. big. 114, hardest of the match.
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dick: half dozen aces for serena williams. she does not have the fastest serve in the championship. dick: venus williams, her sister logged the highest velocity, 126 miles per hour. miles per hour. that's up with the boys. john: a little flat-footed out there serena williams, just expecting to hit winners and wozniacki's game has picked up.
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not a lot of spring or bounce in her step at the moment. john: she's really worked her over out wide and this has gotten so frustrating for wozniacki. because there's her hardest serve again at 118. she cannot pick up at all where that serve's going. dick: the 9/11/01, the memorial
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open tomorrow. the family, of course, will be there tomorrow. and those two fountains are magnificent, the exact footprint of the towers and the freedom tower, 1,776 high. hold by serena. she's up a set. 2-1 on serve. u.s. open continues after this word from your local station.
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dick: serena williams the heavy favorite to win this title in her fourth u.s. open championship in the lead tomorrow the final will be decided 4:00 after nfl football here on cbs.
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live coverage. it will be samantha stosur against the winner of this match and then monday join us live at 4:00 in the afternoon, 1:00 in the west for the men's final that will feature the top two ranked players in the world, number one novak djokovic and number two the defending champion rafael nadal. dick: considering the rains of tuesday and wednesday, totally washed out activity, the s.d.a. has pulled it off giving the men an extra day of rest before vying for the title on monday. john: just so effective at net.
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giving her no time to breathe at all. a good look at this volley. she moves forward. cuts it off. angles it away. nice. nice. 14-16. john: that's on the line. dick: challenged by wozniacki. i thought we heard the chair umpire allison lange announce the challenge. apparently not. apparently not. 0-30. dick: dangerous spot for
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wozniacki. 0-30. john: well, that is really well hit. it's notly not a mis-hit. but you oftentimes try to hit too big, a reply because you feel like the hit should have been yours. serena not hitting hard but placing it very well. dick: three more break points for serena. dick: with the double fault, 3-1 advantage for serena williams. mary: even when wozniacki is getting enough serves, she is not there.
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hopefully this is something her coach will work on her a lot so she can go up against someone like serena. seems to be able to hold at will. mary: second winner of the match. john: at the net. that's why the crowd was trying to give her some encouragement. another point that she won two or three times. serena make her hit a couple of extra balls. such a good serve. dick: 112 out wide. 15-15. dick: the stage of this championship and the recovery
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from injury as serena williams she almost earns the title, league of her own, a big gap from what we've watched these two weeks between serena williams and the rest of the field. john: in fact, she didn't play for almost a year. and look how good she is out there on the court. mary: just think so many more of the professional men tennis players are willing to make adjustments to their game to take time off to work on parts of their game to beef them up. not enough of the women do that. mary: taking a step backward to take a couple of steps forward. all these guys. dick: the argument for caroline
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wozniacki is i've won more titles and the risk of doing something that maybe doesn't make you comfortable. mary: i don't even think wozniacki is making that argument for herself. she's ready to win a major. but to do that you've got to go out and play to win. dick: she's big enough. she should be able to power that serve higher. john: that's well-handled by serena. saw that she couldn't hit the topspin forehand. didn't get under it enough. a nice slice, just good solid safe ball deep. changed that grip. got under it nicely. got under it nicely. very well handled.
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john: we could have given you more time because the absence of some of the top players they sort of pressure wozniacki to play more than she should. mary: they've cut down schedule considerably. the road map the -- they have formed, they're sticking it to. serena hasn't played too much tennis. very few players have played too very few players have played too much. dick: you're saying is you're not going to -- at least a little anger shown by wozniacki. you can't take a week or two, you have to take a considerable amount of time. mary: it's an excellent sign that wozniacki is considering to try to take a coach.
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john: she can't even throw a racket hard enough. mary: first thing's first. john: that ball dropped in. it looked to me to serena and a lot of other people, it's going to go float wide. dick: she was on her way to the chair. john: starts walking, good. should maybe at least -- probably did catch. probably worth the challenge. dick: such a great serve. 118. almost her fastest of the entire night. 119, her tops.
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dick: a "come on" from serena. she's up 4-1. two games away from the women's final. here she comes right into your living room. it feels like help is never far away.
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it feels like you're protected against life's little mishaps. it feels like you'll make it home. that's what it feels like to be a member. dick: time is short for caroline wozniacki. she's down a set in the break.
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serving 1-4 here in the second. they have played an hour and nine minutes. dick: the two set losses were to clijsters two years ago. a couple of wild shots from williams and 30-0. dick: father of caroline wozniacki. piotr. both a soccer star from poland
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and then for the denmark national team and his son also plays professional soccer. her mother plays professional volleyball. so she's got considerable athletic genes does caroline. and his father would say, what can we do to get my daughter to the level of serena williams? john: that was four quick loose returns. a rare easy game for sure from wozniacki. dick: on monday, it will be rafael nadal defending his title against novak djokovic trying to capture three of the four majors this year.
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what a comeback for djokovic today to dismiss roger federer. rallying from two sets down and two match points down. john: there's another ace. so you have last year when nadal finally won his career slam beating novak and looked for all the world that he was going to take the number one ranking, finally supplanting roger federer and along comes djokovic taking his game to an all new level. five minals he's beaten nadal this year. incredible. dick: as nadal said to mary jo, i haven't figured him out yet. john: he needs to find some solutions, he said. we'll see monday what he's come up with. dick: opening this service game, williams has 50 in the championship. no one even close to that on the women's side.
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john: that's going to be challenged. she's going to look at that mark. seems like it was a little long. needs a couple of breaks like this from the chase review. it is not long. dick: another ace. 10 now for serena. dick: that's the wrong mark. john: not the mark she thinks. perhaps not. how accurate is it? john: caroline, no ace, two doubles. serena 10 aces, one double.
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dick: wozniacki did break serena at the tail end of the first set only to be broken for the third straight time in the 6-2. serena captured that opening set. need something to happen right here. dick: 30-30 at, 4-2. and can she create another break? john: that ball skidded off the line. that was bad luck for her. didn't get a good look at it. a read on that ball. hit very hard. dick: 5-2, serena williams. just a game away from tomorrow's
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just a game away from tomorrow's final against stosur.
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dick: approaching the end apparently is caroline wozniacki serves to stay in this second set and in the match, 22-5 against serena williams -- 2-5 against serena williams. and at 11:30 in the evening here in the east serena undoubtedly
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would like to get out of this match in her double bag and head for some rest, get ready for tomorrow's final at 4:00 tomorrow. john: seems intent on keeping the points very short on wozniacki's serve. with the belief that if she doesn't get the break she will hold and get herself to the final again. wow, first ace. dick: a rare winner. her first winners. 31 winners for serena. that tells you the story. the power of the three-time u.s. open champion d.
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-- champion. dick: a hold. mary: who love holds. isn't that odd? twice she's been able to do this. dick: she sends it right back to serena williams. and it's up to the 29-year-old, 13-time major champion to serve it out herself.
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dick: and she starts with another big bomb up the middle, number 1. john: she was going quite a bit out wide. but she has just killed wozniacki on that side. she can't get anything going. john: pretty big second serve, risky one. risky one. paid the price.
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dick: resigned, papa. dick: another error from serena. 30-30. dick: another error from serena. dick: a break point for wozniacki. first of this second set.
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dick: big miss. double fault. and wozniacki is bag on serve. do we have another turnabout?
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dick: a full moon peaking down on arthur ashe stadium. caroline wozniacki building interest in this crowd with the break of serena williams. now serves to get even. 4-5 in the second. serena winning the first set serena winning the first set 6-2. mary:


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